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Ludella Hahn is a full-time model, actress, and performer living in Boston and available to travel with expenses paid. Keep tabs on her travel schedule and performances by bookmarking her events page. Check out her resume and portfolio for samples of her work, and read her testimonials to see what it’s like to work with Ludella. If you would like to hire Ludella for a photoshoot, videoshoot, birthday party, or any other project or event, email booking(at) with details for rates.


Looking for a burlesque performer with hourglass curves for your birthday party or special event? Ludella Hahn is a nationally performing burlesque dancer based in Boston, MA. Her routines range over a variety of themes and genres so that she has something to offer to any show or venue looking to hire a simultaneously sweet and sultry curvaceous redhead. Read descriptions of her acts below. Email booking(at) for booking information.


 La Fee Verte

Ludella’s Absinthe Fairy act complete with sugar cube props and plenty of glitter. Part-classical, part bizarre, this 7 minute act is a perfect mix of naughty and nice.

Burlesque Fairy Green Fairy La Fee Verte Ludella Hahn Burlesque Showgirl Jupiter Moon 3

Phoenix Fan Dance

A fiery and exotic classical burlesque fan dance.

Exotic Classic Burlesque Fan Dance

Boom Bang Boogie

Ludella’s comedic and classical burlesque routine about a masked bandit who just can’t get rid of her sticky stick of dynamite.


 Hot Ride

A more modern burlesque routine involving a clown, balloons, and plenty of innuendos. An edgy act great for more alternative and fetish themed events and birthday parties.

Clown Burlesque


 Misters and Misses: Don’t Miss This

The act that put Ludella in the burlesque limelight: a cute and creepy vaudevillian burlesque routine about a dolly-like girl and her bdsm love-hate relationship with a ventriloquist dummy.


 Reaching for the Moon

Ludella’s cute and classical burlesque routine with a flashy finish. This routine is perfect to be performed in any venue and requires no set-up.

Ludella's Cute and Flashy Classic Burlesque Routine

 Bella Bella

Ludella’s fluffy and feathery PINK classical burlesque routine. This act is perfect for more intimate floor shows.