“Ludella Hahn is one of the best models I have ever worked with. Her posing is amazing, and her natural curves are… well, you can see the photo as well as I can.  In general, I have no qualms about using the liquify tool (or its equivalent) to alter a model’s curves to fit my artistic purposes. I alter curves sparingly in any case. Yet, Ludella’s natural curves are so lovely that I’m reluctant to change anything at all.” – Philosophy Fetish, photographer
“You make the process easy. You can strike just the right pose and attitude… something that cannot be directed.
Its a natural gift, and you have it.” – Chas Ray Krider, photographer
“Getting photos back from you is like Christmas

I don’t think you’ve shot anything for us we didn’t like <3″ – Mandie B., HeartbreakerFashion.com

“All the testimonials about Ludella are accurate…she’s a fabulous model and if you haven’t worked with her you’re missing out! Thanks for another great shoot yesterday!” – Vincent Studio, photographer
“I have been extremely fortunate to have shot with Ludella Hahn. She is the picture of professionalism, and her physical beauty obviously speaks for itself, as does her capacity to evoke distinctive moods for the camera. But what may not be obvious to those who’ve not shot with her is how little direction she needs in order to be richly expressive. To be sure, she is always open to direction, but she is not one of those models who is affectively flat in the absence of specific directions. In contrast, Ludella is like an actor who needs little guidance to find her “motivation.” By default, she always brings a vivid expressive force to the shoot, and it has always worked well in our shoots, whether I follow it as is, redirect it, or ask her to substitute my own ideas for it. When that presence is combined with great wardrobe (of which she owns much) and great makeup (which she can do herself), you can count on her to always contribute something amazing to a shoot, whether it’s fetish, pinup, high art,or other genres. This is why she is in such demand and why she is published so much. And it is why I am always looking forward to our next shoot.” -Ize Onyu, photographer
“Had an amazing vampire shoot with Ludella Hahn today. I really need to book this wonder for as many hours as possible. She is truly gifted and fun to work with. Anyone who take time to laugh is someone i need to work with.” – Evangeline Von Winter, fetish model and site owner
“I just wanted to say this is easily one of the best shoots I’ve ever done, maybe the best. I’m still editing the first part with you 2 on the couch because there are so many keepers from the shoot.” – SurferTomProductions, fetish photographer
“It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you yesterday. I hope to work with you again in the future.” – VSD Photography
“Enjoyed working with you. Photos came out superb!” -AmGlamStudios
“Thanks for the shoot this afternoon. Not only are you a stunningly beautiful and talented model, but you’re a total delight to work with. I very much look forward to shooting with you again.” -Jimmy McNamara, photographer
“Ludella qualifies as a member of my ‘If my house was on fire club’
meaning – If my house was on fire and she called me to shoot her I would grab my camera and let my house BURN! It is an absolute pleasure and honor to work with her.” -Barry, DGI Concepts
“Just got done shooting Ludella Hahn!!!!! I don’t want her to go because I could shoot her forever :) Thanks pretty lady.” -Charlie Girl, Paper Moon Photography
“Ludella is wonderful to work with. She has lots of expressive looks, very theatrical, and is equally lovely in vintage clothing, a sweatshirt, or nude. I would recommend her highly.” -Ron St. Jean, photographer
“I’m editing photos from the shoot right now. It’s really hard to choose single shots for my website because there’s SO MANY GOOD SHOTS. You’re a great model, woman. Move to California. ;) ” -Mandie Bee, Heartbreaker Fashion
“Shooting with Ludella is like shooting with a magical unicorn..if you have the chance do it!!” -Vanessa Vixen, pinup model
“Having been a retro glamour photographer for some 15 years now, I am always on the lookout for models with the 3 “C’s”. Curves. Class. And Charisma. When Ludella Hahn stepped into my studio I knew that I’d hit the JACKPOT! I’ve seen and admired her captivating curves in other photographers’ work for some time and could hardly wait until I got my chance to work with her. When that opportunity finally came around I jumped at the chance to get this vivacious little vixen before my lens! Not only is she quite the eyeful but a fun loving and considerate person as well. And when it comes to posing and working the camera she is in a league of her own. Lucky for me I ate my Wheaties that morning! I can’t wait to get this delicious dish back into the studio again. In the meantime I’ll be saying my prayers and taking my vitamins.”
-Mark Anthony Lacy, Lacy Unlimited
“Ludella Hahn and I shot for no longer than 35 minutes and yet in that time we managed a photo set that allowed a two page magazine feature. She is a consummate professional both when the camera is on her and off. I am anxious to have another 35 minutes with this exceptional artist and would recommend her in an instant.” -Michael Bann, Retro Lovely Magazine
“I have had the pleasure of working with Ludella twice now. I knew from our first shoot that she would be among my ‘go-to’ models not only because we hit it off really well, she was an outstanding model. Aside from the fact that she is just a natural pinup, she is a lot of fun to work with which is quite refreshing. She needs little to no direction during a shoot and is one heck of a poser with great facial expressions. Choosing images has been hard for me because there are just so many great images to choose from. I know that I will be working with Ludella many more times in the future. I will say that Ludella will be one to watch as she is doing very well for herself now in the pinup world. I would highly recommend Ludella to any photographer, especially if you are looking for a fabulous pinup. Trust me, you will not be disappointed, she is a gem!!!” -Tiffany K. (www.tkexpressions.com)
“I had the pleasure of meeting Ludella about a year ago on another photographer’s set. I got the chance to take a few shots with her then, and was immediately impressed by the range of poses and expressions she brings to the table. After that initial shoot, we didn’t shoot again until a few months later, but on that shoot and any shoots thereafter with Ludella, she had been on time, ready to work and well prepared. She also is great about communicating before the shoot to nail down details, wardrobe (of which she has a large collection) and any other particulars. Ludella is a consummate professional and truly a joy to work with. All of this plus her spunky attitude and twisted sense of humor makes Ludella one of my favorite people to work with.” -Ti/Darkside Photography
“I have had the pleasure of working with Ludella Hahn on several occasions, both as a photographer and a video director. She is a professional on all levels: prompt in communications, never flakes, takes direction well, and has a positive attitude and approach to all projects, even demanding ones. In addition, she is talented, creative, knows how to pose, and has a wide range of expressions – everything from a glamour/fashion model to a “woman screaming for her life” — plus every emotion in between. Furthermore, she works well with other models and actresses. On top of all this, she is a pleasure to collaborate with and has a great sense of humor. Highly recommended.” -Michael Leach, Damsel in Distress Video Productions
“I can’t recommend you highly enough.
Beautiful… Easy to work with… and NO DRAMA!!! What more could I ask for? Thanks for your hard work!” -Bleu Fetish Videos
“I never cease to be amazed by Ludella. She’s not only always on time, but more importantly she brings her full energy and passion for creating art, and really immerses herself in the shoot. Ludella takes direction wonderfully, but rarely needs it…and usually will do better/more interesting poses than I’d often think to recommend. Ludella’s eye contact and ability to contort herself and her poses in a flattering, yet interesting, way means that she consistently leaves me with far too many shots worth editing–which is certainly a nice problem to have. I have now worked with Ludella on 7 occasions, and I could almost consider her my muse, as every time I work with Ludella, I feel like I’m learning something new. Ludella definitely possesses a certainly style or look, however she also has the ability to step away from that, and really give me a variety of looks/expressions….to use the word versatile would be an understatement. To sum it up, I cannot recommend Ludella enough.” -Jeff Roberts/Eyeball Imaging
“I first met Ludella at the airport before our shoot, and compared to her images she seemed shy. Once we got to the shoot location and she was done getting ready, I reached over to get my camera and when I looked up, there ‘it’ was! She had instantly transformed to the confident, energetic and outgoing model we see in the photos! Ludella Hahn is a joy to work with: she is professional, creative and fun, she makes every pose count and delivers each shot with a fresh approach. I look forward to working with her again soon!” -George Hagegeorge
“I was honored to work with Ludella on a project that I had kicking around in my brain for a year or so. She brought so much spunk, sass, and attitude to the shoot I got the exact shots I saw in my head. How rare it is to find someone who is so good… they actually live up to your imagination? Not only is she a pin-up photographer’s dream, she is super sweet! If I could I would shoot with Ludella on a monthly basis and keep her all to myself; but alas, I cannot… so I’ll write up a stellar recommendation so you can be blessed with her energy as well.” -Surrendered Souls Photography